Sir Digby's Family History

Sir Digby's Grandaughters Angela and Evilin had an unhealthy fascination with the plants, and spent an increasing amount of time playing with them, especially after the mysterious disappearance of the family cat Bowzer.

grandchildren hortence

Sir Digby's daughter in law; Lady Hortence, would never go near the plants after the regrettable incident in the shrubbery which resulted in her losing two toes from her left foot. It was only after Sir Digby had secretly administered a large dose of laudanum to her afternoon tea that he was able to "persuade" her to pose for this portrait.


Lady Tamara Nevermoor was well known for using animals as fashion accessories and was famous for being the first society lady to wear a mink coat, a fox stole, and most controversially what she referred to as her "kitten mittens". It was her insistence on using plants in her hat that resulted in her losing a large part of her right ear at Ascot Lady Day in 1865. After this the cry of "Ear today, gone Tamara" was often heard in less polite society, although not by Lady Nevermoor sadly.